My friend Ann and I had planned his affair with another man for many months. At first she was reluctant, but gradually warmed to the idea when she woke up when I realized every time I discussed in the bed. I wanted to see take the initiative to seduce a man and maybe later I passenger travel with a triple in the session. were considered suitable men in our group of friends, coworkers and neighbors, even, and we had a lot of fun to describe what they would do and how great was his cock. We finally decided to try to arrange something with the eldest son of a neighbor of 18 years and still in high school, and a little geek. I never saw him egotastic with a girlfriend, but regularly call the hotel and ask for the union of the lottery money that Ann had joined together. He was not looking so good, but that concerns us all, was the egotastic attack we found. It was planned that would be called the next time in Ann 's house to invite him pretext, who needed a hand with moving some furniture. The next step would be to them as they get into their pants, and how to give your body. We agree that the first opportunity not to participate in a trio, in fact, it could indicate that she was alone in the house. I agreed to remain silent on the road, while he did the same, but that I also take a look at the door if left ajar. The day came and at the right time, the boy came to the door. I slipped and Ann invites you to hear their voices be heard passing through the hall and then silence again, entering the room. My heart was pounding and my breathing difficult. My penis was in my hand, rigid, and oozing pre-cum. I imagined how the acquisition and if I go for a quick glance. After a few minutes I could not wait any longer and went down. I was silent at the door, left slightly ajar for me, and listened. I could not heaThe ra and asked if I had much to do with your mouth full ! I peered cautiously through the door and pushed my cock through the fly of my pants and masturbate furiously. The view was fantastic. My girlfriend was lying topless in the center of the room with the child astride his face, his back to me. I immediately thought, how it looked skinny, but clearly could get your dick is getting into the mouth of Ann. From my perspective, it seems that his penis was very large, but the ball seemed enormous. He turned her chin Ann and her fingers were gently knead. I saw that he continued to pump before retiring. Ann grabbed the tail, ( I could now see clearly that it was egotastic quite small, but at egotastic least I could get full on the mouth egotastic ) and the straw to his face. A few seconds later began to break, emptying these huge balls injected with power after jet of hot cum on the face of Ann. It was too much for me and I cried in my hand, arapid retreat to clean up and stay off the road. It was not long before I heard the door shut and Ann came to the door of the room. She was still topless with cum small rivers running each breast, after dripping from his face egotastic covered in cum. She looked beautiful ! was our first experience with men in our relationship and have enjoyed many similar shows.
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